Thursday, May 13, 2010

Opi & his farm

We love Opi and his fun farm! He is enjoying life on the farm and takes super GREAT care of his two mama goats & six baby goats as well as 22 chickens. Out of these animals, Opi has fresh un-pasturized goat milk and soon will have lots & lots of fresh eggs.
Opi is always so happy :)
his brand new babies... Rex & Alexandria
Jack & Cannon love farm life as well

Opi & Daisy

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  1. Thank you so much sweet Laurel for putting up these totally fun pictures of my Dad with your Jack and Cannon...They're so CUTE!
    They all look so Happy playing with all the goats...I wish we could come play with all of Opi's goats and chickens!
    *Thank you especially to Isabelle and Stan and Laurel and Russ for Loving Dad/Opi and doing all the farming with him and for him...I'm so grateful to all of you for taking such great care of him!
    I miss my DAD so much every day!!!
    Sending lots of hugs and love and gratitude your way!
    xo xo ~Melody~